I am so sorry (well I am still posting this so I guess I am not) should I get a) An Esp Eclipse II Standard (from music123.com which comes with a free double muff fuzz) for $1,700 or b) Epipone Sg Elitist 61 Reissue with an upgrade of 57' classic and plus, boss bcb pedal board, boss bf flanger, boss ns-2 noise supressor, and boss dd-3 digital delay pedal for $1,200? -thank you very much
in my opinion, you should pick the guitar that sounds the best to you, and buy the effects seperatly. it sounds to me like you want the guitars for the 'free' effects. they are just jacking up the price of the guitar and making it look like the pedals are free.
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no I just put in that the ESP would give a free effect, which is a bonus without extra cost. The other doesn't. I just listed all those other effects because I would like those effects but with the epi I could get them and not with the esp.