well i just wanted to get the dave mustain signature guitar the ltd dv-8r coz i am a huge megadeth fan and i was wondering if any one has got it...id like to know if it is worth buying please gimme ure views
I Have played it Numerous times because i am looking in to possibly buying it and it is amazing
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well of course but who has 4500 for a ESP Custom Shop
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someone in america thats all i know and it doesnt cost 4500usd for a custom shop it would cost a bit more since there was only like 12 built (from what i heard)
^Man i think were talking about different things because im confused now lol
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the DV8-r come with duncan designed doesn't it? if so replace them with a jb and jazz and you'll be set.
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no DV8r comes with JB and 59 but thats 2005 and before the new 2006 has his duncan livewires in it
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The DV-200 still has JB/59 though, I think.

Anyway, it's a damn sexy guitar. I may look into one for my next guitar, depending on how much I think I need a Floyd...
cool can u guys suggest what amp i should get if i go for it i was thinking about a marshall dsl 40 but ive heard tht the speaker isnt so good and just tht marshall in general have gone down in quality and the new models suck ass
the DSL 401 is actually a really good amp. and i know Joel_Grieve. who posted in this thread own ones and says its amazing maybe you should PM him
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