I was thinking on buy a Peavey V-type with flody rose. I was wondering. are the pickups are good enough to play heavey metal yet to have a good clean sound with out replacing them?
I've never played on of these but, if it's as metal as the site claims it is then no. The pups are probably too high output to beable to get a nice clean tone.
Peavey Pickups, I find, aren't great. (I just read a few reviews saying the pickups weren't too dynamic)

That being said, their stuff is high quality otherwise, and pickups are easily replaceable. The guitar looks kickass, and has high quality wood (mmm alder)
yeah i was thinkin that they weren't great. i was gonna replace them with seymour duncan live wire metal and live wir classics
Those V-types are pretty darn good. There's a 98 V-Type in my guitar store that the owner owns, it's pretty awesome.