Okay i am probably going to be buying this guitar soon. I have heard that the pickups are not great so i am going to be upgrading the pickups but i dont know which ones. I will use this guitar mainly for heavier rock and metal. I would like some opinions on metal pickups and im not really interested in EMG's ,because i dont like the idea of pickups being run on batteries.

what about the middle single-coil pickup?

Edit: and what does f-spaced mean?
i never used it much and when i did it was in conjuction with the buckers so new buckers were enough to push into ecstacy, save the $.

F spaced is for a FLoyd Rose trem guitar, get em if they offer it, it doesnt seem to matter much either way
I know a few guys that have EMGs in an RG, and have heard clips. It sounds amazing, IMO. When I do eventually get an RG, I'm putting EMGs in it, using it as a shred guitar.

The batteries are not a problem at all, and should not make you cut your choices short.