Above is the a diagram of the wiring I plan to use. It is basically Les Paul wiring using 2 concentric pots- each controlling the volume and tone of 1 of the humbuckers- and also each humbucker has a seperate "tuned" coil split.

Basically I just want to know that this diagram is correct and will work.
Should end up with individual tone and volume controls and seperate coil split for each humbucker.

Should give these pickup options.
1) Bridge only
2) Bridge and Neck
3) Neck only
4) Bridge split only
5) Bridge split and Neck
6) Neck split only
7) Neck split and bridge
8) Bridge split and neck split
I think thats all of them.

The humbuckers are Bare Knuckle Nailbombs and with the current 1 tone 1 volume setup im not getting the best versatility out of them. Plus the current pots are cheap and nasty and starting to crap out. I have rewired several guitar but not using concentric pots. Does anyone know which shaft relates to which pot lugs e.g. does the small centre shaft control top or bottom pot?

Any help would be appreciated.
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I think the upper pot is the lower shaft.
Not sure though. I had one of these but it broke and I chucked it.
I'm not very active here on UG currently.
I'm a retired Supermod off to the greener pastures of the real world.
In that case my diagram is slightly wrong- When I get the parts I will check with a multimeter to see. May come with instructions I suppose. Thanks.
Does the wiring look like right?
Revised plan. I revcieved the concentric pots and it turns out the small top knob is connected to the bottom lugs and vice versa.
It looks right, just remember about the Bareknuckle color codes. I think it's the same but the yellow on there is actually white, but i guess you knew that.
These go to eleven...
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Yeah I did, cant see a white wire on a white background. Hopefully the rest of the parts will arrive today and I can get it done. . Cheers.