I was wondering is there actually something you can buy to place a slide behind the head of your guitar? or do you just like double sided tape or something.... thx
I wear mine on my pinky so i never take it off . I wouldn't use 2 sided tape on a guitar, it might rip the paint off. I know Dunlop makes a little hook thingy that goes on a mic stand to hold a slide.
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This may not be an option for you but normally i just throw it to one of the roadies and they throw it back when i need it again.
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I keep an empty mic stand in front of me to hold picks and I got the dunlop slide/pick holder.

same for me but i acutualy put the mic there to recreate a talkbox... yes it sounds bad but its better than my wah...
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they do make such a thing, actually. It's a velcro kinda deal that goes on the headstock of your guitar. It's called the TakSlyd or something. My friend was showing me something in a magazine about it. I'll post back if I find a link or sumthin
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I know there is something, I saw it in the back of a Guitar World magazine. And I know Steve vai uses one of some sort.
there is one out there somewhere that i saw in a magazine. it had velcro on one side of the slide and you can velcro it to the back of your headstock.

personally i would never put velcro on my guitar, but that might be what you are looking for
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