ok, ive had trouble identifying my guitar online, since it was a gift and no one told me what it was, and i cant figure out what model it is, until i can see what the pickups are... so where are they labeled, where is the bridge type labeled? do i have to take apart the guitar to figure it out, or is there a place i can find out???

also, i cannot stop like biting the tips of my fingers, and my callouses are about to be destroyed if something is not done.... can i like put bleach on them so they taste bad???? more on that later..
first of all, it should say the model name on the top of the neck where the tuning things are, if it dont, the check on the back, if it dont there, go take it to a guitar store near you and have them check it out. but anyways, pickups dont always show the type of guitar, being that you can change and upgrade them as you please. but the only way you would be able to tell what kinda pickups they are is by again getting it looked at, or finding out the guitar. therein lies your problem
ok wait, freaking, the model number on the back of the neck says w751896... its an sa series guitar, seeing as it says sa series on the top of the tuning head.... last time i checked there was no w751896 model in the sa series...?
Well what BRAND is it, first off...



Well I think SA is Ibanez, but that number seems to be a serial number to me, to long to be a model.

Just chech around on the Ibanez website in the SA section and find the guitar that is yours. Not too hard, right?
its an ibanez. yea, im not an idiot, i looked at the site, but i couldnt find it... there were guitars similar, but none of them were actually mine. i couldnt tell by sight, because there were several that were close.. thats why i need to know where to look at the pickups specs, so i can compare them to the guitars on the site..