Well I recoorded this in like a day so its a bit rough around the edges but its fine other than that!! its called epic!
I love this song, great around 2:00, its a tiny bit repetetive at the beggining but other then that it was great, I wouldnt call this a metal song though
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Thanks man, Theirs 2 versions of this song, Originally it was dedicated to dimebag and it had a rippin 5 minute solo of harmonising but our guitarist left so I had to simplify the whole song, might try and but up the other version with vocals ect. thats why I called it metal I guess.
Thanks man for the crit!
I really like it, so far its great. But it isn't really metal, which isn't a bad thing, it's still wonderful. I like this more than any original recording I've heard on here.
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Hey man ur song isn't bad. Its pretty put together. On a scale from 1-10 id give ya about a 5/10. Um you had good timing until 2:15/2:19. Hey when you hit those high notes on your solo use more vibrato they sound a little too flat. That will give your song more depth. Um although its a little repetitive, i guess it would work if you had a singer. Um yeah originality is a bit lacking. The chord progression u used for most of the song has been done lik a gagillion times but hey i guess for the person who's never heard that chord progression... i guess its alright. All in all your song is alriight but it doesnt make me feel anything. Your song needs some emotion and i need to be able to hear you ( your style) in the song. Yup thats pretty much it. Keep wrkin on it

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That's pretty good. I like the guitar in it.

By the way, my friends' band wrote a song about Dimebag, I think you should check it out.


It's called War is Hell. Let me know what you think!!!!
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