I like stiff little fingers alot i only have the hanx cd and some songs on limewire but i cant get anymore of there cds they took out both cd stroes in my town and best buy and barnes a nobel dont carry them either
How strange is it to be anything at all
Amazon.com is your friend, if there aren't any local independent record stores in your area.

CD shopping sucks for me. They never have what I want.
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Was there an actual question in this or was it just bitching?

guess i didnt actally ask but i was looking for some answers
How strange is it to be anything at all
for anyone who lives in California with at least respectable taste in music, this record store name should ring a bell...

Ameoba Music

*orgasm* it's music store heaven. but the closest one is in Hollywood, about 50 miles away from me...kinda close but too far away from me to be practical. if i'm in a bind to find a CD, i head to Borders. their selection is surprisingly broad. it was the only non-online store that had the Mozart Requiem conducted by Marriner, which i was desperate to find.
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I like:

Phobos (he oozes cool)

Misfits and AC/DC Covers + original recordings (jazz/punk, hardcore, "shredish").