I sorta lied, they were a gift but thats beside the point. I was given a new 5-way, and EMG-SES pickups (single coil) and I hooked them all up through the schematics on the Seymore Duncan page (ooo im bad) but nothing works. I went over all the schematics over and over and everythings hook up right, i doubt its dead pickups because I actually pulled the scratch protectant covers off the things and they lookd pretty new to me, but I could be wrong. All ive done so far to test them was hook them up to my input jack and tap the pickups and heared nothing. Could these pickups be "tap-test"less or did I maybe hook something up wrong. Ill post some pics if you want of the wireing I did. Thanks for reading this far!

Seymour Duncan wiring is waaaay different than EMG's wiring..

Try using EMG's diagram...

Did you plug in the battery's? (arent they active, sorry, not to knowledgable on model names)
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Hah i didnt even know it needed batteries. And I couldnt find EMG's diagrams... I searched the site and only found a headache.
Yeah I think those pickups are active. Im not to sure either but I think they are. and yeah, Striketalonx is right. You need to use EMG wiring diagrams because EMG and Seymour Duncans are totally different.
I figured id literally take off the live and ground and replace the live and grounds. Can somebody help me find a damn schematic tho, I swear theres nothing on that site.