This is hard to say,
But it must be worded.
To the girl that has changed our lives
From above you?ve descended.

The one who makes us laugh,
Who taught us all so much,
Who brings us up when we are down,
Whose voice is a soft warm touch.

You?re one of many,
One of a kind.
Without you, we?re incomplete.
Just keep this in mind.

How will we manage?
Minus your loving guidance.
Great advice and soft, warm hugs,
Our lives will be in subsidence.

Dear friend of mine,
How you?ve helped me so.
I?ll cry when you?re gone.
Just letting you know?

Who will be there,
To talk with, get fat with, and fart?
To laugh, and dance, and sing,
When we are apart?

Take good care of yourself
And I?ll do the same
Although you?re leaving this place,
We?ll always remember your name.

To you, my true friend,
I have much left to say,
I love you too much to describe,
You give me that cheerful vibe.

I hope this place was good enough.
And, the next will be as well.
I think I?ll stop this now.
Before I shake and my eyes swell.


This song I just wrote, while thinking of my friend who is moving. Please crit, I have little experience with writing.