Easily one of my favorites bands and yeah, I think the first cd was better, imo. The acoustic EP that came with The Question was pretty awesome though.
i really don't like them. i just found them pretty boring and uninspiring.
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emos forever
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That walls song is pretty good, I heard another track by 'em on that take action 5 compilation, and didn't like it very much, though.

Yeah 'Walls' is thier best song.
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Yeah 'Walls' is thier best song.

i Think 'the ponytail parades is also good...
I've only heard like 3 songs, none of them good enough for them to stick in my mind evidently. However, the cover of Bonnie Tyler's "Holding out for a Hero" is fucking good. Perhaps just because I like that song.
because they're god awful...

could that be it? ^

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RHCPhysco for the win.

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no they cut their gay ass wrists too much

Annnnd banned.

RHCPsycho, you're cuttin it pretty thin there. Please don't come into a band's thread just to make fun them/flame them. Just stay away.
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I never could get into this band, not sure why.

Beauty Supreme

Yeah you were right about me
my favorite emery song is fractions =)

i think theirmore of a pop rock band tho =\
emery rocks. i think they are more than an emo band. they have really good lyrics.
last summer i really got into these guys now i rarely listen to them now

aren't the a christian band
^^Yes they are.

I love them a lot, even though they're nothing groundbreaking or innovative, they're just a lot of fun
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Easily one of my favorites bands and yeah, I think the first cd was better, imo. The acoustic EP that came with The Question was pretty awesome though.

lololol, it's a guest now. lets poke it and call it names!
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i like emery...there not my fav band
but there pretty good
i have to been in a certain mood to really like them
but ponytail parades are there best song if i had to pick one

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They were playing at warped tour, but as the same time as AFI so I missed them. Walls and Bloodless are two good ones.
whose the guy who plays the SG? the kinda hott one. lots of tattos, blondish hair?
Emery is a great band, and they have great lyrics too. I have seen them three times, and they were amazing every time. They don't have any stand-out qualities, other than their smart lyrics, but they still are one of the better bands around today.
they are the worst live band in the world.
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