Hi all,

I'm starting to run into a minor problem with my current amplifier. I own a Crate VFX5212, a 50 watt 2X12 tube combo. I really like the tone it gets on both the clean and gain channels when I'm able to pump the volume up to and past 10 o'clock, but because it's 50 watts and all tube, it understandably gets extremely loud. I've onlly been able to do this when I'm at decent-sized gigs because anywhere else blows me (and the audience) out of the water. I'm moving into an apartment in the fall, and I'm pretty sure the neighbors and roommates would appreciate me not running my amp at full steam. So I have three options to cut the noise down:

1) Get an attenuator
2) Get a smaller (10-15W) tube amp for practice purposes
3) Live with the lack of tone at a lower volume

I'd appreciate opinions on which I should take. If you're recommending I take the amp and you have a suggestion on an amp to look at, I use a Fender Standard American Strat and typically play low to mid-gain rock music.

If you have the money, just get a smaller tube amp for practices. But if I were you, and me being having no money, I'd just live with the no tone lol.
i find you have more tone with less volume, its a bit easier to control, just make sure your guitar is turned up full. And for the gain chanel and practicing theres no problem just turn the drive down and the gain up. Sure it covers up your imperfections but hey thats what the clean channel is for. Why waste money when you already have all you need?
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^ because it's a tube amp. and tube amps need to be pushed a little to get the going.
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attenuator, or maybe a shield, like a plexiglass kinda thing, that might ruin your tone though.
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I say attenuator, or maybe if your practice tone isnt all that important to you an inexpensive solid state amp
u have my fav amp.

only if i could find a good deal for it in toronto.. sigh

of maybe i could jsut spend 800 on the 5o wat 1x12...
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I think the attenuator is the best choice. You either get a small practice amp that doesn't have as good tone, or you get an attenuator for about $200-$300.

Another idea is to get an "Epiphone Valve Junior Head" or the combo. It's only 5 watts, all tube practice amp. Only $99. It's low gain, so you might need a overdrive pedal.

You shouldn't live with lack of tone at lower volume.
Crank the master and turn down the channel volume. You could also get a booster pedal.
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take a power amp tube or two out.
go see your local guitar tech, he'll tell you if he ca do it
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^ he means power amp tube.
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Weber minimass attenuator is under $100.
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try putting/sticking egg boxes around your apartment. That should lower/mute the sound only in ur room.
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^^ weber recommends getting double the wattage attenuator for an amp, so you wouldn't want a minimass, you'd want something in the lines of a 100w attenuator