Song chemistry problem

hey, i play alot of classical to progressional metal, but it seems that i get locked up in progressions that are very complex but are lacking the harder rythmic parts i need to pull them together.

does anyone else have that problem * writing music that is either to one extreme or the other *soft* hard*?

and does anyone know any specific scales and progressions i can practice to work on that would promote a heavier sound
sincery ryan nair *****
I dunno, i can't write well at either extremity, faster being harder. At around 300bpm it's really hard to come up with material that makes sense while taking the tempo seriously.

I personally, in your situation, would get up to date on counterpoint and simple harmonisation. If you were using the harmonic minor in that way and perhaps programmed some keys...
i've never had a problem w/ it personally..... it's just me, i gotta admit tho i'm lucky 'cuz i can usually hear in my head what the contrasting parts should be then i just gotta figure out how to play what i hear in my head. i'm w/ free poweron this, basic harmonization and a little counterpoint could go a long way to help write very contrasting insanely fast to really suuuuppppperrrrr..... sllllloooow.... type stuf.
try strumming single chords and write some simple harmony to go along with it using a simple tape recorder or other method. before you know it, the harder stuff will start to make more sense.
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