Hey guys, I want to replace my old practice amp (20W) on a Marshall AVT150. The only problem is that a live on a place were they dont have this amp, so i cant try it out. If i could get you opinion on this amp i would really apreciate it. I want to know if its loud enough, and would it work well for modern and alternative rock. I own a Boss MT-2 a DS-1 and a crybaby.
personally i dont like the Valvestate Heads they have really complicated circuitry and just dont give you a tube sound (which its supposed to replicate with a tube preamp section) if i were you i would get a little extra money go onto Craigslist.org and go to musical instruments wait for the right time and get a marshall tube amp you have to be patient because sometimes there is nothing. and depending on where you live there will be good things to buy. its great if you live near New York Or LA i waited a couple of weeks and got a Vintage Marshall for 300 bucks (Needed some work but sounds great and LOUD)

Just dont get a valvestate