Ok heres the deal...........

iv'e been playing guitar quite a while now like maybe 3 years. I play mostly Metal, Black Metal, some blues, rock and classical. A few of my friends and I are going to be starting a band soon and i guess im the only one with a "Good Enough Voice". My dirty metal voice that is. Anyways i find it hard to play and sing at the same time and i tried starting soft and small by trying to play and sing tears in heaven just to get a feel to it but it's not too difficult but not easy either.

What im asking is......Does anyone have any song recommendations for me to start out with? I guess genre doesnt matter but i guess try to keep it interesting but not too hard. I think i want to start out with some simple chord progressions and ill work my way from there......ok thnks.

dude trust me you can sing and play, it takes a TON of practice, i have been playing for only a year and i can play and sing, so if you have been playing for 3 yrs, you can do it

just keep count of the beat/melody with your foot while you sing to help you know when to change postions, like 3 taps mean change to a new positon, or use certain words that you kno when to change positions, on that certain word you change to a differnt position, like on the word californina you change to a differnt position, ect.

dose that make sence?
the first song i sang and played to was the boy who blocked his own shot..by brand new, it's not metal...but it's fairly easy
umm i learned to sing and play best with light accoustic songs using chords, it REALLY helos you with keeping the melody and beat count in your head while singing, bc all your doing it just playing rythem

the song i learned to do so is wish you were here by pink floyd is a really easy good accoustic song, or yesterday by the beatles,any solo accoustic song where its just you sining and playing, try staind, they use alot of singing while playing accoustic, like its been while, or outside, plus singing those type of songs will help you get a better voice and range bc its exposing your voice to a differnt type of music that you dont sing, and will help you get a better range, other than singing the same type of metal songs
anything else?
any other questions?

oh and check out this thread to for more ideas

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alright, this might not be you exact style, cuz it seems you like pretty hardcore music. as do i. but anyways, i used to have the exact same problem youre having. i could sing well, or play well, but i couldnt sing and keep the music goin. the first song i ever played and sang was jesus of suburbia by green day. green day may not be your style, but their chord progressions are extremly easy to follow, and the words are easy too. i'd suggest something like that to start off with and get the feel of playing and singing. pretty much any green day song is easy to play and sing. also godsmack is pretty fun and slightly challenging. well, hit me back with watcha came up with. peace!
Songs?? there are a lot..if genre is not an issue..why dont you work your way from alternative to death metal..
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Hey guys just finished getting like 1 min or 2 of playing and singing The Fallen Angel by Iron Maiden and it was pretty hard at first but i caught on really quick because the parts to that song kind of go with the vocals so im just going to keep practicing and hope i get a better voice at doing so.

All you guys have been a great help


[EDIT] I also got down Stairway to Heaven, Tears in heaven, and The Boy Who Blocked His own Shot by Brand NEw.......THnks again everyone.
songs to try singing and playing...

i like to play songs by muse, the guitar parts while hes singing are usually basic
I wouldn't listen to most of these guys..

You can't expect to jump into difficult metal and be able to play and sing at the same time.. Eventually you'll get there, but you definantly should start off with some basic acustic songs, with revatilily easy chords. You might not like the music, but it really does help

Oasis is a great band to get started on
hell even Nirvana can be alright to sing over the basic powerchords, although I can't stand the band.

you get the picture, bands that you enjoy their music, with easy chords.. no complex riffs to start out.
The first one i learnt was Sonnet by The Verve. The chords are all open a part from a Barred F and the lyrics are easy melodically. Suck it and see. Also, She's Electric by Oasis is pretty easy to get you started too
uh, wow. i can't strum and sing at the same time, but i can fingerpick, or even solo. there's no real song to start with, i think. i mean, its sorta hard getting started, but once you've got the hang of it, it's real easy to sing and play. you really gotta know where the lyrics and the music come together, and have the time down pat, and you're pretty much good to go. but don't start on a song that you don't know; try singing to one of those "i-could-play-that-in-my-sleep-backwards-i-know-it-so-well" songs.