A small practice amp to be specific. I was wondering if there are any tube amp in small packages like anywhere from 10-50 watts?
Vox has some small tube amps. The Fender Blues Jr. is small and all tube.
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Look at vox's. The valvetronic comes as low as 15w, and I think there's another low-powered tube model, too.
Crate Palamino's. All A-class tube, very warm and technically their Ampeg's since that's who manufactures them. There's a 5 watt version that should suit your needs just fine with low cost, or a 15 watt with more goodies (like a true EQ rather than just a presence nob). Not that it really matters, these amps sound HOT, not warm, hot.
I have a Vox AD30VT and it's awesome.
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well I've just started back from a 6 month hiatus on a count of my gear getting stolen, I've played in bands before, but the only amps I've had were Marshalls. So I want to venture outside of that brand, but also have a limited budget.
^My 30 watt Peavey is too loud for normal band use cranked...
I play at around 4 with drums+bass.

What's your budget?
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A Blues Jr or something might be great for you, with an overdrive pedal.
But even they can be a bit loud for home use....
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I have a Vox AD30VT and it's awesome.

Valvetronix amps are NOT tube amps just because they have a preamp tube in the power amp section. They are analog, solid state modeling amps.

If you're looking for lower power, then I will also recommend the Blues Jr. or the Epiphone Valve Jr.
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