so i have heard the floyd-rose licensed trem system can't stay in tune and i have never had a double-locking trem before but i'm looking into a guitar with one. so i figured i'd ask about that before i bought it. if anyone could help that'd be great. thanks.
There are a lot of different Floyd rose liscenced trems out there. It usually depends on the make of the guitar whether or not its a good trem and it will stay in tune. i have a Jackson RR3 Rhoads with a liscenced floyd rose on it and i never have to re-tune it.
if its the jpt850 or something along the lines of that then an ofr can fit into it so if you find the trem on the jackson crappy just trade but im not too sure what trem it is
LFR only really suck on guitars that cost about 500 or less.....i mean sure you can find good ones but i have never found a good lfr on a cheap guitar

but keep in mind that new strings will strech and come outta tune for aout a week
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LFR's are very much hit and miss, i was lucky in the sense that i can yank my bar (no pun intended) to hell and back and it still be in tune, but for you i'd just say swap it out for an OFR......
i have a jackson rr3 and so far it stays in tune fine, same with my friends guitar, peavey licensed floyd on his wolfgang.
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