Hey guys I just set up one of these Dmusic accounts with alot of my stuff on it. I've got about half recordings and half original material. Just wanted to know what you guys thought of it. The best songs in my opinion would be Blinded in Chains, Rain, Go Go Power rangers (lol.) and Prelude.


Constructive criticism would be appreciated since I'm sort of still a newcomer to the guitar having played only 1 year and 5 months. Also I recorded alot of this stuff awhile back, and trust me, I'm alot better now than some of the songs would make me seem. Thanks.
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Wow, I'm listening to Blinded in chains right. WAY too much gain. I couldn't even tell what you were doing in the intro. The solo was off by alot. Keep working at it. I'll review the others as I listen.
Yeah I agree. My mic is a piece of **** though. So it's really not all my fault the sound quality's kinda bad.
Listening to Sandman...

Rythym sounds pretty good. Tone wasn't too bad, for the lead guitar parts it wasn't great at all. Main solo was alright, sounds like you have the idea, keep working on it though.

Overall, wasn't bad, backing tracks go a long way too.
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The cover for Bed of Razors is pretty accurate...just clean it up a bit...
Yeah the reason why the tone wasnt great on the leads on Enter Sandman is because I don't have a wah pedal and I figured it needed some wah to sound accurate, so I used this tool in Audacity to add wah and yeah, it's not too great.
Overall, wasn't bad, backing tracks go a long way too.

Where can you find those for certain tracks? I've looked before but I haven't found anything better than a midi file.
Your tone is...
Not very good
Its Extremely sterile
and reminds me of my old Squier Practice amp..

Overall it was mediocre
Pick one of those songs, and master it, instead of trying too many and being mediocre at best.

Edit: im listening to rain.. its really good
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Hey just to let you all know, my tone sounds like alot better in real life lol. My mic costs 10 dollars and it comes from wal mart.
And yeah. Like I said some songs suck horribly and some are good like Rain. That's why I said listen to Blinded in Chains, Rain, Go Go Power rangers and Prelude.