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Red Hot
14 35%
19 48%
Matchbox 20
0 0%
Goo Goo Dolls
1 3%
0 0%
2 5%
Kid Rock
0 0%
System Of a Down
4 10%
Voters: 40.
if you can't afford a real fender, they aren't bad. I would get a squier '51.
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Spend the extra and get a Fender Standard Strat. If you can't do that, look into the Agile Strats.
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yeah i havea squire and its an alright gutiar tbh but, feed backs horrible, not worth it, get a real fender or a decent LTD/ESP etc..maybe an Epiphone but, i dont rate them vastly high.
lol which player of RHCP?, i'd preffer Dave Navarro
good is, who knows why 2 tape the guitarstrap
thanx for the info zeppelin68
by the way does anybody know any cheap but descent guitar?
If you want a Strat, get the best that you can afford, if it's a Squier, then so be it. They are cheap enuff that you can immediatley begin saving for it's replacement when you are ready to upgrade.
wtfs with the poll

but anyway, squires are garbage
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sum41 played with squiers one time in hard rock live


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sum41 played with squiers one time in hard rock live


They were probably heavily modded...and maybe they probably destroyed them afterwards? :shrugs:

As for Squiers...it's a lot more worth it to just save a little for a Fender Standard...but even more worth it to just get an Agile ST-802 (just as good as the Standard but even better with Grover tuners, several nice finish choices, pearloid pickguard if that's what you like, and a graphite nut...all for $110+ less) or Agile ST-1000 (Alnico V pickups, better pots, upgraded Wilkensen tremolo bridge, Wilkensen locking tuners, and pearloid pickguard again..for $70+ less than a Standard).

Squiers are pitiful, actually, no they are not even that. They are only meant for beginners who want to think they have got a real Strat, they play alright, but when it comes to real guitars and proper sound, they are push overs. Its not that much more to get a Fender, so save up.

Sorry, but what are you actually posting about? I mean, "all about fender squier..." istn that helpfull.

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They were probably heavily modded...and maybe they probably destroyed them afterwards? :shrugs:

They auctioned them off for charity (useless knowladge lol). Anyway, some Squires aren't so bad, but some are. You just have to play them and hope to find a good one. But be warned, you get any squire with a trem and your guitar WILL SUCK. Those trems are horrible.
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Hamer makes a gorgeous sounding strat copy called the Slammer Pacer.
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Squier standards are pretty much fine with a pup change.
The deluxe is a pretty good guitar for the money.
Squier 51 is just secks.
And nothing feels as smooth as the squier maple necks.
Stop being rich snobby twats. Yes the bullets and affinity series etc. do suck, but if you actually look, you can get really good deals.
yeah, i started with a squier strat
it actually isnt THAT bad of a guitar
it has a buttload of feedback
but if your amp is good enough, like mine, it doesnt make that much noise
and the pups were like hiding in the pickguard
but after i raised 'em a bunch, it sounded fine
after i got my fender tele, i made the strat the guitar i use in drop Eb
so, its not a complete piece of crap
yeah, i've got gear too...
squier strat
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Squier Strats are fine for the money. You'll outgrow them, though.



OR A '51.

That's just some friendly advice for you.
As a starter guitar, they will do for a year. Though, more generally, Squiers are pieces of tat. The quality is terrible; the switches and knobs fall off, the electronics and wiring are unreliable, cheap wood is used and the fretboard is slow and disgusting to play. The pickups are total excrement. They don't stay and tune which makes for and incredibly irritating and frustrating experience. And, as comes as no shock, they sound terrible. Using a good amp just results in good amplification of a faeces sound. Avoid them like the plague.