Thinking about getting this in a year or so

1. Will obviously use pedals/effects since this is basically just a clean + reverb amp.
2. Looking for a nice sweet quality tone
3. Other than clean sounds I like guitar sounds from bands like Red Hot Chili Peppers, Steve Vai, Rolling Stones, KISS, basically classic rock. I do not play metal/punk/emo nor do I like it so that isn't something I'm looking for. Don't single any certain band out of that list out and say "You really can't get such and such tone with that" since I'm not very experienced and it won't matter much anyway.
4. Will have 1 year of experience with a lot of practice and dedication, but definately not a perfectly proficient guitar player.
5. For use at home only, solo, and for recording purposes so it does not need to be loud at all.. in fact the less watts probably the better. Not for in band use.
6. Partial to Fender for various reasons.
7. Definately needs to be tube.

I'd say, in my newbish opinion it'd probably fit these criteria.. what do you all think? Is there something that might even be better? Different alternatives for under $800?

why don't you ****ing wait a year and see, then?

everybody wishes they had sweet gear...but you can't even play yet.
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honestly, you can't have a great response to a ****ing retarded thread...

mr angry, if you dont like the thread just leave it alone..
He gave you a suggestion, maybe not the nicest possible way, but your the one being a dick.

And, no the deluxe is not the best amp for you.
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lol oh yeah I'm being the dick.. people are upset cuz they clicked a thread all on their own

if the deluxe isn't the best amp what are some other suggestions?
Fender Hotrod Deluxe is a good tube amp. I've played one many times and I love it. I've also played the one you're looking at. The clean is amazing. The overdrive is ok but the cleans are what this amp is really for.
asshadowremain thanks
I'll definately give the Hotrod Deluxe an audition but I've read many places it's too loud, for home play anyway
Give some used jcm800's(combo's) a peek as well.
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Don't forget the Hotrod Deville 212, 60w of tube goodness. I've tried the 65 Reverb but for the money, the clean tone of the Deville is almost as good and slightly cheaper. Since you'll be using pedals anyway, you'll probably be happier with the Deville 212 or 410. You ight not need the extra watts now, but a year from now, who knows?
You're right, and in the situation where I got the 65 DRRI I'd probably have to chump up more money for a similar amp that's just louder

but at home, what about there? They might be too loud to get the nice clean sound or the nice breakup of a tube amp