Between Ibanez and Gibson, which company do you get better quality for the same amount of money?

anyway for someone who's looking for a humbucker guitar for a more classic rock or Steve Vai tone what would probably be the best guitar for the money. Maybe I'm saying a good humbucker guitar.

an Ibanez, for example the RG1570
a Gibson SG or V
the SG + V are more of a I just saw Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey again kinda vibe lol..

I already have a STD MiM Stratocaster which is excellent and my next guitar choice in the near future was going to be an American Stratocaster.. and to be honest, there isn't too much difference between the two.

So here's another question, go with an Ibanez (or gibson) for versatility/variety, or go with the American for better quality of something I already have..
You'd have to play them and see what you like best. To me, Ibanez doesn't have any feeling to it. I tried one before and it was to loud and metal sounding. I never liked V's, and the SG is great for a rock/blues sound.
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if u want Steve Vai tone, why would u buy Gibson when he plays an ibanez?

besides, ibanez guitars are great; if u buy a JEM youre gonna make out with WAAAAAAAAY more versatility than most other guitars...and it's cheaper than some of the higher end Gibsons. They have Edge Pros on em, and like u wanted, there's humbuckers (dimarzio evos/breeds), really, if u just said the classic rock sound (and not including the steve vai thing), go gibson, cuz the mahogany tone is better for that...but if u want more bang for your buck, go Ibanez
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If I were to go for the Ibanez, should I go for the RG1570, is there something cheaper but close in quality, or should I just not cheapout?
I suggest you go try the Ibanez, the Gibson V's, some Gibson SG's, and try out the Epiphone V's and Epiphone Elitist SG's.

Pick what you like best from there.
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Yeah I think most buying decision is based on actual play tests.. I like to float my mind around stuff/opinions though..

I've heard Gibson's don't have a high quality/price ratio..
Honestly, I don't like Ibanez at all. When I got my new guitar 3 weeks ago I tried out a few RG's and I didn't like them at all. They just felt like they had no character, plus one wasn't even playable. My friend has an SG and it's an awesome guitar. I've also played an American Strat and they are impressive for the price. Try them all out and pick which one is the best for you.