Scorn's Welt


Verse 1:
Affliction drinks down another cup
(of bitter bile)
Resentment sweetens the sting
(of resonating guile)

How can I love
If I know not the cost?
Can I be crucified
If I've been spared the cross?

Verse 2:
Fragile meanings whisper, lurid,
in my ears
(for a fight)
Flutterless butterflies, perched,
in my soul
(sit tight)

Through ominous windows
(with no panes)
They resolve to the darkness
(infinite names)

.....of this victim.....

(she sleeps so numinous)

How can I love
If I know not the cost?
Save for being crucified
I've no acquinatnce to the cross


Verse 3:
Bitter bile soaks into my guilty sheets
While self-inflicted wounding keeps to decieve
What resonates in resentment
(under blankets of sweat)
How I want off the cross
(when I've not been crucified yet)

Verse 4:
When I awake sedulous and stark
Frail and branded by hatred's mark
Shall I be denied my one request
That life lead me to love
And death lay me to rest?
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