Hey i just wanted to post some lyrics and see what kind of response i get back
Standing on something to deep
eyes,no where near the bottem, close enough to hear those people crying
,All fixated on the veins and the fruit in witch they hungar,their thoughts are racing,standing on a lake, while their arms tremble, the needles cold,
kiss me goodbye, phase and just let go,standing so deep rivitting ,crying for sex and lusting for whine,improved enough to wash away your sins,they tell you there is no such thing is never again, tall enough to touch the heavens to shallow to understand.
Settle low, let all of your words pass, till better light, hand all your worry and let go, come calmly till dusk whisper with ambience retract and watch the world go by ,isolate,deprevate, degredation,they seem to think it was fun to jump the gun,and wash away,she drug her own grave, before she begun ,something so fragile, glass and riviting mirrors, nothing more then a mouth full of lies, regaurdless who needs purity with indulgence in ones own misory.
Miles of sand set us apart from this world, sickle sin, return in ruin, the key, that kept me apart ,from the grounds i wake, and all i life i murder with every breath,ashes calling for you, no awnser, it's better that way,stir it up and steal my robbery.stapple my name cast away remorse and remember the photos remember your death these smiles and whimsical breaths, lude.
GIVE SOME FEED BACK WILL YA *cheers* not broken up...so deal with it Silk
sincery ryan nair *****