So i was at H and H (ewww) replenishing my supply of Stubby picks , and while i was looking around i saw a guitar i had never seen before the Santana PRS SE:

I stood in awe for a couple of seconds and started to reach for it ..but shortly stopped because there was a old saleman with long hair gray that looked like he was about to impale me with a BC Rich hanging off the wall if i did. My parents raised me pretty much listening to Santana so naturally i had a expression on my face which can only be expressed by the acronym :OMFG and the price was only $500! . Now i havent exactly played PRS guitars before , but ive heard many good things about them. Has anyone played this guitar?
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I've heard lots and lots of good things about them. Go try it out and if it suits you, buy it. Sounds like a pretty good deal for only $500.
The SE lineup series are PRS' lower line of guitars...like how Squier is to Fender..They are made in Asia. However, they are still very well crafted in quality like those of real PRS, but just aren't made with super high grade wood and as great of hardware and pickups as those of true PRS guitars. I've played that model and if you're looking to play Santana style, go for it. However, you'll probably want to change those pickups sooner or later if you really want to get better tone. As stock pickups though, they are indeed decent. I would actually recommend buying the Santana SE used as you can win them on eBay for about $250 to $300 on average...And they have the older models there which are actually made better (don't remember before which exact year though..) They also look better (in my opinion) because they do not have the new ugly pickguard and also came with nice looking flame finishes. Also, I believe that they had a better tremolo bridge before...

So overall, it's a nice guitar for the price. But you can get it for cheaper, and take the money you saved to upgrade it into a better guitar.

Hope that helps!
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^^thanks man!
Should make a good birthday present for myself lol
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Don't the Santana ones have hugemongous necks?

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the santana one's are junk.

The new ones are not as good as the old ones like I said..But if you buy them used for the price that you can get, it's a decent deal.
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Don't the Santana ones have hugemongous necks?

No, they have necks that are about the same as most PRS guitars. PRS necks are like a median of Fender C necks and Les Paul necks.