Hey everybody - startin a new band and today the bassist and i spent a good bit of time laying down some tracks. we got instrumentals for 3 done but i'm only posting 2 as per the limit.

I used a PRS CE24 through a Mesa/Boogie Mark III on these tracks

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the drumming is sloppy. That sticks out. Hmmmmm. It seems like the new formula is a driving rhythm with distortion and an overlaying pentatonic riff with stocatto drumming. All it's missing is the singing with a voice that sounds like his nose is clogged. The music isn't bad and the talent isn't lacking. In an urban area, you can go play gigs and make money with this band. But if you have a band, it's time to start the ingenuity. Emo is a a real type of music. But try to branch out in the genre, or else no one will pay attention. That's my advice.
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and crit back.

It may seem harsh, but that's the way things are. Emo is relatively new in the big picture and it's already starting to stagnate. New bands need to build up and out on the sound.
i appreciate you listening but i think you're being unfair and don't quite know what you're talking about...there are no pentatonic riffs in either of those songs and judging vocals that aren't there is just dumb. and where are the drums sloppy? i'd like to know so we can fix it. this is our bass player playing drums though - our drummer isn't available yet. so cut a little slack for that.
"No Night Stand"
Nice intro...
I like the licks at :40...is that keyboard?
Drums are off around 1:25...
Pretty good, high quality recording, nice guitar tone, turn down your bass player a bit.
Kinda repetitve without vocals, but good job!
Thanks for critting mine.
EDIT: It doesn't sound very emo to me, more toward pop-punk or pop rock as you mentioned. Emo, to me, sounds like watered-down heavy metal, that's still heavier than pop-punk (this is all IMO of course). This sounded a lot more upbeat and catchy.
Good job nonetheless!
Get vocals in there and it'll be perfect.
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ah, unfair would be an understatement. I'm being extremely biased. Anyway, since this isn't your normal drummer, I would cut slack for that. The pentatonic riff comment wasn't meant specifically towards your band, just any band with that equation describing their music. If you listen to "Scenes From a Movie", "Stockdale", or any number of garage band emerging right now, you'll find that their sound almost mirrors your own. that stagnates the pool of modern unsigned music. And once again, the vocal comment was a generalization on the genre. Step back and take the crit constructively. It wasn't meant to create a sense of distaste with your music. Also, what I meant by the drumming being sloppy is just that, the drumming is sloppy. You don't need to crash the cymbals with every backbeat. If you want to "fix" it, I suggest listening to drummers like Rush's Neil Peart very closely, who is not just a drummer, but a percussionist. I'm talking about the song "No Night Stand". I hate to leave unhelpful comments, so please look into this one and find that there is no malice in the critique. i stated in the beginning that this music is not to my taste, so of course I am a little aggressive with it. In my mind, drums should be a crisp driving beat, not a loud unintelligable mass of crashes. When I listened to your music, I found it hard to distinguish. It sounded as if the instruments were fighting eachother for a chance to be heard. They need to be more fluent and interactive. This is all, of course, just my opinion. So take it witha very large grain of salt and keep playing.