Rebel Rock and Roll

Here?s the youth
Standing Proud
Turning it up
And playing it loud
With their rebel rock and roll

Spiky hair
They just don?t care
Walk around
With their finger in the air
With their rebel rock and roll

Rebel Rock and Roll
It saved my soul
Rebel Rock and Roll
Was more precious than gold
Now were did all the Rebel Rock and Roll go?
?cause all we got now is,
Just Rock and Roll

Got things to change
A world to save
Walking tall
Got a war to say
With their Rebel Rock and Roll

But seasons pass
And times change
The music it just
Ain?t the same
No more Rebel Rock and Roll


No more fighting
No more beers
No more rebelling
It just died over the years
(Repeat more times, last time sing this)

No more exclaiming
?**** the human race?
We all just quietly
March to their set pace

There we go, not ment to be deep just a strait foreward rock song. anyone wanna crit it i will glady return the favour.