I'm looking to get a better guitar tuner than the cheap $12 one I have now

I was looking at Petersons and came across Boss ones as well

both seem to be great brands but Peterson seem to have a high price

if you could have one good tuner that would allow you to quickly set standard, half and full step down...which would it be and why?

I'm not made of money so I'm not going to spend $1,000 for a quality tuner.
I just need something good and fast.
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Well I dunno about you, I Find the Line 6 POD 2.0 that I'm using has a good tuner built in. They're fairly expensive but you get 32 amp models and 32 differant effects with all the other various knobs and buttons to make it do crazy stuff. And they're as tough as nails, i've dropped it on concrete and not even scratched it...not that I would make a habit of it .

But if you don't want to fawk out, I am using a Korg tuner of some sort that i've had for 4 years..Its a bit dodgy but they're probably way better now. It cost me £20 (sterling) 4 years ago so they've probably easily gone down to like £10 or less by now....

I could be wrong but I thought I read about an amp having a built in tuner....but I diddn't pay much attention....So you can get loads for your money as well as a tuner.

If you don't NEED a pedal or rack tuner...just pick up a Korg CA-30.
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Korg CA-30. It's like $15.

What's wrong with your current one?

I have the Korg GA-30 model and its not really accurate at all....i tune with it and then have to go to a quiet room and fine tune by ear
I dont get why kids that cant spell "tuners" need a nice rackmount/pedal tuner...

No offense btw.

If you HAVE to have a pedal or a rackmount tuner... Behringer makes a pretty good tuner pedal...its basically a rip-off of the Boss one but it works fast and accurately. Plus its like 20 bucks...
thanks for the tip of that other pedal

btw i stayed up all night before posting that so that's probably why i misspelled tuners

anyways i edited it

I think in the end ill get myself a good Peterson tuner, one of those strobe units
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btw, i currently run a Roland micro cube amp, best amp i have ever heard for its small size and price but im thinking of getting a line 6 POD 2.0 to add to it as the FX in this amp are not much...i like allot of distortion like on those greenday songs and although you can get that from the cube, the sound just does not match the one in the MP3

^ the micro cube has a built in tuning fork. its set to 440 or "A". You should use that to develope your ear for tuning and tone. you cant always rely on a tuner, at some point youll have to use your ear for tuning...