i didn't notice any hollow effect when i listened to it. just him tapping.
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aight, i really like his esp sig model too bad its only a ltd and not an esp. anyway have you tried looking for his rig to see what would give the effect
Aye, im not a big fan of tapping but im trying to find something that will take the "sharpness" out of my guitar but still sounds good enough for lead. Ive tried taking out treble and such bit it flattens it a bit.

Ive done some googling looking for his rig, cant really find any specifics though.

I think im way overdue for an effects shopping spree at my guitar shop.


Its hard work trying to get an actual ESP explorer.

That said i quite like my LTD explorer.

I still have to get around to replacing the cheapy pickups with EMGs though.
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The amp? He uses a peavey 6506+
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ya he uses 5150 II with mesa cabs. EMG pickups 81/85 with a gain booster. from listening to there stuff they dont really seem to use any effects just play straight like that but i may be wrong. and for that tone he has at the beggining of LIp Gloss and Black. Its just tapping nothing special its just a harmonized arrpeggio(sp) maybe try doing it with the neck pickup selected

ok i found a website with his gear listed

he uses a boss super phaser, and a volume pedal. but that wouldnt get you that tone from lip gloss.

Travis uses a Boss Flanger and DD-3 delay but that wouldnt help you either
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Ahah, thats actaully pretty good. I was going to go down the guitar shop and try out one of the boss phasers/pitch shifters.

Im pretty sure a phaser is what im after.

I think EMG pickups + Phaser + MXR Micro Amp will give me the sound im after.

I have always liked the sound of mesa amps anyway, just way too expensive for me right now.