I guess this would be the best forum for this.

Recently I went into a music shop with my mate to try out some amps, we're thinking of forming a band so we need gigable stuff for rock and blues...Nice clean sound and a good distorted sound idealy.

We tried a Laney LC30 and it made a horrible loud sound when we played with a setting...after that there was only sound if you crank it right up..

We cringed, put it back on the shelf and bought some picks, walked out.

Just out of interest, what does anyone think could be wrong with it and why might it have happened?

'Cos if we can establish that, if we buy one and something similar happens, we might know how to avoid it and how to fix it if we can't avoid it.

It was pre-owned for about £300 I think.....Maybe the tube went or something along those lines?
thats kinda dick.....did the sales staff know it happened and you did it or did you just kinda whistle and walk away?

and as far as what happened, a lot of things, did you turn it on with the volume cranked or anything like that?
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