what is the best amp i can get for Metal like slipknot unearth disturbed.

any price range i am getting a job over the summer so i will have money
didn't you just post a guitar thread as well? why not put the two in 1 thread....

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You don't play metal.

Try a Randall RG200, Marshall TSL602, or ENGL Powerball, depending on budget.
yep budget. and tube or solid state.

but again, randall comes to mind.

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id recommend my Krank combo (revolution)

Mesa Mark IV is so extremely versatile that its hard at first. Has really anything you could ever want from an amp
ive heard its decent for straight up metal. I havent had much experience with that one, so i can really only go by word-of-mouth
Well, you could get a Mesa Boogie Dual/Triple Rectifier Head, on some sort of Mesa Boogie Stack. A little cheaper: Vox 50 (or greater) watt.
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Randall Cyclone half stack. Two channel with switchable reverb and chorus. 9 band eq. You can get ANY sound out of this amp. Also, it's 300 watts.
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If you really can afford anything (even with a summer job I doubt you can get into high dollar amps) but stuff to look into would probably be Peavey, Mesa, ENGL, Framus, Bogner, Dieziel, VHT, basically a high gain tube amp. Don't get a KranK unless you've tried some other brands before, I tried one and hated it but you might love it either way don't get one unless you love the tone compared to lots of other amps.
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i thought my krank beat the snot out of the Mark IV and triple i had. Im not sure if i like it more than my friends framus, but its definitely in the same ball park
id say if your on a budget with the summer job try a Peavey XXX i tried the 5150s and liked them but the XXX seemed to have a little more bite
I'm not saying that the KranK isn't good it's just the tone seems to be VERY two sided, most people either love it or hate it so just try it out first guitar center probably has like 50 of them lol
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