Hey, i just registered and i really need help with my old jay turser. Its a cheap strat but i'm putting on seymour duncans, JB humbucker , little 59 and a duckbucker. But i dont know if i can put a humbucker in on the bridge...if i couldnt would it be ok to cut a little to make it fit...or would that not work?
If you have the skills to route out a larger hole, go ahead. As far as the pickguard goes, you're better off buying a new one. It'll look better.
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you could also chisel it out
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Your Jay Turser most likely utilizes the "swimming pool method" to route the pickups. This means that if you remove the pickguard, there would be a large rectangular hole in the body rather than small little holes sized for each individual pickup which are found on higher end guitars. Thus, you would only need to change the pickguard which you can find for very cheap on eBay rather than overpriced in a store...Also, I know that you have listed out which pickups you want, but if you don't want to buy a new pickguard, look into the Seymour Duncan website as they do make humbuckers in the size of single coil pickups. Often, these humbuckers which fit into a single coil size are modeled after their true humbucker counterpart so maybe they have one for you.