I appreciate if only people who tried the following amp offer their advice, cuz u have no idea how incorrect advice can be disastrous unless u have tried it. Please suggest how good the following amp is.

The Roland Cube 30 (30 watt)

Features as stated by manufacturer:

High-quality DSP guitar amplifier with 30-watt output and 10" speaker
Includes 8 COSM guitar amp models: JC Clean, Acoustic, Black Panel, Brit Combo, Tweed, Classic Stack, Metal Stack, R-fier Stack
Powerful onboard EFX section includes chorus, flanger, phaser and tremolo
Independent Delay/Reverb processor
Two-channel operation (Clean/Lead) with footswitch control of channels and EFX section
I've played them at the stores... I personally don't like it. Bad sound (to me) for metal. I'm assuming you play metal or the like?
- FJ

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i got that amp and i think its fantastic! im so glad the dudes and dudettes advised me to get this amp. well worth the money and its can do a good range of music! im my opinion it very good for metal you can get all sorts of sound with this baby!

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Roland cube 30
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