HI! I'm playing guitar ( I'm using an acoustic guitar & almost 1month playing) & I'm having some problems with the chord G & other stuffs

e l-3--------
B l-3--------
G l-4--------
D l-5--------
A l-5--------
E l-3--------

It's hard for me to play it because when I'm doing it the "e" does not sound well (sounds like "tuk") because it's hard for me to hold down the E, & e at the same time (I tried to use my big finger but it doesn't work well to).

I'm also having problems in some chords that you will need to hold all 6 strings in 1 finger at the same time.

Also having problems in strumming I can't recognize the strum in the music if it's upward or downwards.

Can't also understand the meaning of "hammer-on, s12-7, 77h9-7-77h9-7---7,

Can anyone please give me some tips please
The first example you give is a "barre chord." Don't worry, they're difficult to do at first but you'll eventually get them. Just work on fingering them correctly, no matter how long it takes you.

As far as the second bit:

The one that says "S12-7" means slide from the 12th to 7th fret, meaning you fret whatever string on the 12, pluck the note, then slide your finger down the string to the 7th fret while maintaining down pressure. You should get a descending sound.

A "hammer-on" is when you play a note, and then fret a note above it without plucking the string again. It gives a smooth transitional effect. So if you have 7h9, you'll put your index finger on the 7th fret, play the note, then "hammer" your ring finger down on the 9th fret to get the higher note to play without plucking the straing again.

As far as strumming up or down, it's just a matter of feel, unless the music gives you specific directions. You'll gain that skill he more you practice.
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I can't give you any advice on the barre chords ( the ones that you have to hold a bunch of strings down with your one finger) other than practice.

And as for the strumming thing, it usually doesn't make a difference. Especially if you can't hear the difference in the song. Just pick a rhythm and see if it works. If not, then change it. Give it some trial and error, you know?

As for hammer-ons, just slam your finger on the string real hard and make it sound without picking it.

Pull-offs (the polar opposite of hammer-ons), just pull off your finger. Try to scrape it on the string a little, like you're plucking it with your fretting hand. I find it helps to get a better sound.

Either way, good luck.
Thanks guys! well I've been practicing the G. (& other ones that holds many strings w/ one finger) Well it's a bit hard but I really need to practice. Well I need advices on how to play the guitar better. Thanks again!

By the way do I need to memorize all of the chords?
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Yes and no. In the beginning, you should memorize shapes, like all the open (1st position) major and minor chords. Then as you start moving on, you need to learn how chords are constructed, rather than just learning shapes.
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