Right, I've been playing guitar since November. Before I purchased my guitar I had a one-off lesson with a friend of a friend, which was invaluable. He taught me some basic chords and scales, as well as the essentials - how to hold the neck and pick etc.

Then, in January, I started having weekly lessons with a different guy. Now, I've improved immensely since November ( i can play advanced tabs)....but that's mostly down to guitar websites such as these, magazines, and watching my favourites play etc. I don't think I've learned a lot from my teacher.

The rundown:-
- When teaching me songs, he doesn't use tab format or proper musical notation. He uses numbers. For example, if he wanted me to play open string B, followed by the fifth fret on the top E string, he would say ' 20, 15.' Is this common in teaching guitar?
- While he's a musical genius (he can tab pretty much any riff in lightning quick time), he doesn't know any musical theory, apart from the names of chords. Often I'd ask him 'what note is this', and he wouldn't know. I know the notes on the fretboard now, but, as I said, that's just thanks to internet and books etc.
- When, in the beginning, I would be holding the neck or pick incorrectly, he wouldn't correct me. It's only through my own perserverance that I do this correctly now.
- He taught me things like hammer-ons, pull-offs and slides, but did not tell me the name of those techniques. It was only when I came on here I realised that those techniques had names! Granted, his English isn't perfect (he's from Central America), but, still, it's good enough, and seeing as he's teaching an instrument, I think he should know the terms that go with certain techniques and styles relating to that instrument.

(he also takes pictures of me and videos me playing guitar, and puts them online against my will. That may not sound like much, but, really, I'm a 16 year old girl, he's in his forties, and last week he took about twenty pictures while I was trying to concentrate on playing )

I'm sure, after what I've said, this is going to be a rhetorical question, but do you think I should change teacher? I won't be having lessons during the summer, but I will be starting up lessons again in September, and I think, then, I should look for a new teacher. Basically, I'd just like some feedback that I am doing the right thing in getting rid of this teacher, and would like some pointers as to what to look for in a new teacher.

Yeah, you should definitely change teachers. The main thing is the lack of knowledge of theory. It shouldn't be too hard to find a new guitar teacher.
New teacher - not onl will this guy scrimp on theory but he actually sounds like he could have the wrong intentions with a 16 year old girl as a student.
Yea, the pictures thing is a little creepy. I could understand one or two for promo shots on a website but more than that and videos sounds like way to many for, as you said, 'posting on the internet' . The music theory is a big thing too, he should know why a song uses certain chords, if you dont understand theory you can't get creative in your own right later on down the road.
New teacher.

He just sounds creepy, and he sounds like he knows less than I do.
Now that is scary.
Oh my word, I would be out of that door so fast if I were you. That internet video thing is actually illegal, you could probably have him sent to jail for that.
He sounds like he doen't know a thing about guitar, either. Definately get yourself a new teacher.
As for advice on what to look for in a new teacher, just go to your local music shop and they will be able to recommend you somebody.
Yup, I would say get rid of him, mostly because of the internet thing. Bouncingbassist is right, too, you have to have parental consent to post pictures of a minor. Hey may be good, but so are a lot of other people who also as a bonus aren't creeps.
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What a creep! Posting scores of pictures of you online? Can anyone spell "pedofile?"

And it sounds like he doesn't know crap about guitar.

BTW...if those pictures are really online, and your 16 (my age), could I have a link? Just kidding...j/k
He sounds like a nice guy, you should go over to his house for dinner.

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"Too few exercise the greatest freedom they have - the freedom of thought. Perhaps they demand freedom of speech as compensation." - Soren Kirkegard
get rid if the teacher

and if you think hes videoing other people and is a pedophile tell the police cus he shouldnt be doin stuff like that!
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Among other things, I'm a lawyer. Besides the creepy side of an older guy videoing someone under the age of majority (21), it is also use of your likeness without your consent (for which you could bring a civil case for damages), although you are watering down that argument if you keep going back to him and letting him video you. You do have the argument that you were caught off guard and didn't know what to do because he is your "teacher," but you need to drop him like a hot potato and threaten him with legal action if he does not remove the pictures. Tell your parents about it and maybe they know a lawyer who can put the fear of God in the guy. Also contact whatever ISP he is using to post your videos and tell them about it. They should get after the guy too. On a more practical note, if you feel uncomfortable about your relationship with any teacher during a lesson, then you should find another teacher. Playing should be fun, and knowing your current teacher is a creep who is using you is no fun.
wow. are the lessons at his house? if so then find a guitar studio somewhere in your town. ppl who work for studios KNOW wtf they are doing.

file charges against your teacher. get money. buy a gibson
hi everyone,
thanks to you all for your support.

I only have two more lessons with this guy, but I emailed him anyway requesting for the videos to be taken down. The videos of me are 'easily available', shall we say, and anyone who knows my first name can view the videos like that *clicks fingers*.

I'll let you know if and when he replies to the email, and if he doesn't take them down I will be taking legal action. Thanks to you all again for support, everyone I have told so far has echoed what you guys have said.

and to the guy who asked for pictures of me....

*slaps* :P
Quote by Rancid_Misfits
file charges against your teacher. get money. buy a gibson

Succinct and goal oriented. Makes me sound verbose. Kudos RM!
Quote by ninewhilenine
and to the guy who asked for pictures of me....

*slaps* :P

I've been slapped!!