well im not sure what to play after what i mgiht do is change the G5 and A5 to major barre chords.

ill probaly play the progression twise then play it 2 more time but with something over it
That's a straight up copy of Purple Haze... even if the rhythm and melodies are different, that's a rip off.

But yes, solo in E blues or E mixolydian.

EDIT: just noticed it was you who posted the "jimi hendrix E chord" thread. You are talking here like it's your song though lol...
Looking for my India/Django.
Other scales to try are Amin pentatonic, Gmajor pentatonic, Amajor pentatonic. Just try them out and see which one sounds best to you.
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hi sorry i was just mucking around with some chords didnt no they were a rip off ill probaly change it now im not sure