so i'm trying to decide weather to buy the Clyde McCoy wah wah or the Bad Horsie II but i have a few questions. first, is the clyde mccoy wah wah any good for hard rock or metal too? and can the bad horsie have a tone for classic rock. i'm more leaning toward the clyde cause i do more blues/classic rock but i also play hard rock and metal so anyone that can answer the questions would be awsome. thanks a lot in advance.
1. yes
2. not sure

you'll have to try them out to make sure, you'll see yourself
If you want more blues/rock the go for the clyde.
Tears in waves, minds on fire
Nights alone by your side
i got a bad horsie II recently...awsome wah and i love it

literally 2 channels..i use contour for modern sounds and normal for tradish...
if you wait ill next monday..ill make a clip
thanks but i went and got the clyde mccoy today. **** dude, that thing is amazing. anyone that has never tried it or is looking for a pedal, get it now! its awsome.