hi i have this chord progression E{jimmy hendrix chord} - G - A last 2 as barre chords and i want to make a melody to go over.
Write a melody using the notes of those chord scales. For example, if they're all just plain major chords (which is an extremely simple chord progression) then you might wanna use the 3, 5, 7, or 9 of that chord (you can use the root if you're playing solo, but if your're playing with a bass, have him play the root). Now if you want a more bluesy kind of melody, turn the E into an E7(dominant root), the Gminor7(b3rd), then change the A into A major7(regular 4th), then resolve it into E major7. There, now we have lot more note options.

So, if you're writing in the key of E, remember that that Gminor7 is a b3rd and not in the key of E. The notes for that would be G-Bb-D-F.

So, yeah, just go for the 1-3-5-7- and maybe 9 of the chords, and don't forget to add colour tones like b3 and b7
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