Hi i have a squier standard stratocaster that i bought a year ago and i want to modify it. I want to change the pickups but i dont know which ones to buy.

I've heard good things about the Dimarzio HS-3? but waht do you guys think?.

I mostly play rock and metal but also blues music.
your probably better off buying a new guitar. with the pickups you want to put in, it will quickly cost more than the actual guitar.
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ok maybee thats stupid then but what other good pickups are there that doesn't cost too much, and is there a part i REALLY need to replace on my start, jo know a thing that most squier strat owners do?
how about the fender Hot vintage noiseless pups? my squier has these wierd klicking noices and it's humming and so on, maybe this could be the solution?
there really isnt anything worth doing besides the pickups. you should get the new pups, put em in, but be sure to save the factory ones, if you ever go to sell it, put the stock ones back in and sell or keep the good ones
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