ok, so i can write lyrics adn have alot of songs but i cant seem to come up with guitar for alot of them, (btw i play them on my acoustic no other instruments) and when i come up with something new it seems to be stuck in the same rhythm as another one and i cant always fit it to the lyrics.. any advice ?
To be honest, a lot of the time I'm the same. I used to write songs while I was at work and didnt have time to come up with any kind of rhythm. I always thought 'I'll do this later', but I cant really sit down and force a tuen out. They just come to me sometimes so I'll try catch it. Maybe you just need to let it come to you?
Failing that, get together with some friends. I'v seen some of my songs, melodies, the odd line here or there brought to life in a band environment in a way I couldnt imagine, and I'v helped with other peoples in that same way.
write your music first? might work
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i would suggest writing music first then the lyrics. Or perhaps writng msuic first then use the lyrics you made up previuosly but mould them to fit the music. Basicly change the lyrics not the music. That's how i write music.