I am trying to decide which one i should get. You can check out the Hughes and Kettner here and you can check out the Soldano here

Are these even the best choices for distortion/overdrive pedals. I'm looking for an Avenged Sevenfold sound kind and ALSO a sound that would work well in my alternative/emo/hardcore band.
you have GOT to be kidding me! 500 dollars for a DISTORTION PEDAL?!?! WHAT THE HELLS SO GOOD ABOUT IT?!?! ooo does it make toast while you play? DOES IT PLAY THE GUITAR FOR YOU?!?! I WANTS ONE! OMGZORDS!
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what kind of amp and guitar are you going to play with it?
ma gear

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well thats what i said. just like request what i should get. i just saw two that i thought sounded good and would be very versatile. but i mean i never really looked at the price and yes i know it is very expensive for a distortion pedal. and im playing with a gibson les paul standard and a fender twin amp (100 watts all tube)
I've seen loads of 'em on Ebay. Havent really seen them anywhere else, but I havent been looking.

On the mesa site, it says there is an optional gigbag and stuff - so maybe you can order it straight through them... Doubt it though. Just search around, ebay is the best bet.
the supercharger is supposed to be great, its an SLO 100 in a box (or so they say).
TEEP!!! Oiiiiiiieeeeeeeyyy!!!!!!
Just realised, it isn't produced anymore - so chances are that ebay is the only place you'll find the v-twin anyway. Might wanna check out the V-Twin "Bottle Rocket" too.