This is it for me, I will say good bye and thanks to everyone who I have been involved with and good luck to all of you little language bashers.

Would you believe in this story I tell.
All about the man who first fell.
Into the thinking that his life was worth more.
Than a berry, a tree limb and a scrap on the floor.

Thrown through the scene of the primary plot.
Dusted and drained this space is the shot.
Where under the shade of an old fruitless tree.
Grew the food of lifes One mystery.

A reasonable shout.
A certain chance.
Forever a doubt.
Forever they pass.

Drifting away to the furthest of dreams.
Yesterdays mud below a stone house of cream.
Orphan of memory, a first thought is gelled.
Under the moon, soon to be held.

Ask yourself the question,
Where are we from?
space, that place,
or a mould in the eye.

So Sleep
Enter and
So Sleep
Enter and
What? Your leaving us? You can't!

At least you left us with another brilliant piece. Can't complain, mainly because everything I've seen from you has been just too good.

Seriously though, good luck mate, It's been nice knowing you for the last month or so. Thanks for the WoTM nomination, and all the crits- appreciate everything

Good luck, and please, for the sake of all that is holy, keep on writing.

Hope to run into you again mate.