*tear comes to eye from laughing so hard* oh man you guys are hilarious, and you sound pretty good and talented, while still being funny....my personal fav is (Hey you)Dog poo...frickin' hilarious...whatever tard rock is, you guys are it!

PURE GOLD!!!! lolz101....just try turning down the gain of the vox a bit; they're fuzzzzzzing. But other than that it's AWESOME lol
Thanks people. I'm particuarly interested in what you thought of the chord progressions and melody also
meh i dont quite like it.....the music is good, but i didnt find the lyrics funny....i guess im just not in that sorta mood heheheh....sorry

Pure grade a gold, one of the greatest things i heard in a very long time.

Kudos man, great song
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"Oh baby baby yes yes YES! YES! *pinch harmonic*"
Nice, funny stuff and you did a good job of making sound like the beatles. The progression, the drums and the vocal style was pretty much right on for that.

Sorry I took so long to crit back.
I hate my vocals and the out of tune guitar on it though.
Thanks for the crits anyway
I think I love you
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