I was thinking of putting some new pickups and things in it.

I'm looking at playing mostly classic rock/blues.... what all should I do to it to pimp it out? What would you do if you won a squire strat?
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meh, i'd probably sell it, depends what guitar you have now. you could always just pimp it.. i dont know much about squires tho..
if you have another, better guitar...go for it!

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if its the first time your customizing a guitar i say go for it...just cause worst case scenerio you **** it up....well...it was only a squier
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i agree ^ if youve done it before though, you should definatley do it to a better guitar. squiers sound horrible almost no matter what.
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i'd look into betters tuners and a better bridge. then look at the GFS pickups from guitarfetish.
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squiers do not sound horrible no matter what. Dont listen to these punks who say they sound like ****, some sound pretty good actually.

i would pimp it and if u mess up the guitar was free so no big loss.

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ahhh, i remember what my old yamaha pacifica 112 used to look like (pretty much yamaha's version of a strat, but a little better)...fairly nice really, matt varnished wood surface, black pickguard, rosewood neck.....

Then my brother decided to buy it.

Its currently toxic green, but last week it was bright pink...a black headstock now and several more bits and bobs on the pickguard including an on-off switch, signal booster and 5-way overdrive switch. To power this and fit it all in my old guitar now has the structural integrity or a cracker and could be considered as a hollow body...

oh, and it says "give blood" on the front because my brothers weird like that...
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If I won it, I'd really go nuts on it. Strip the paint off and give it a nice paint job, new pickguard, top end Lace Sensors for pickups, new tuners, new trem bridge, new pots, new switch (and new wiring to make it like the S-1 switching on the newer American Fenders), add a kill switch per pickup, new 24 fret neck. Pretty much the only thing that would be left would be the wood the body is made from and the shape. Would be killer to do (if I ever won a guitar lol).
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Here's what you're going to need to do to get it to sound good:

New neck
New pickups

Get a sweet paint job or it and also a nice pickguard.

Or sell it.
lol dont disss squier strats lol...jokin i got one and i just can't wait 2 get rid of it and get a new guitar lol..change the pickups if you want to keep it or just sell it on ebay and just wish you never see the damn thing again!
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So basically you're building a new guitar? Why bother taking it apart just to throw it away and put completely unrelated pieces together?
You're probably better off selling it as it's an affinity model, the body will probably be made of really low quality wood.
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actually if you look up the specifications on usiciabsfried, the standards use poplar and such while the affinity use alder, same as fenders, probably not choice alder but still, not poplar. i would change the pickups first and then a feel preference, but in the end a totally different guitar.