Heard 3 of there songs from a friend, liked them alot. Whats a good cd of theres?
How strange is it to be anything at all
All of them. I've not got any but I've heard a few songs of each. Awesome band.
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Buy Covert Action.

It's good. Croatia Breaks contains one of my favorite solo's ever.

Right on. Kerry Martinez is an amazing guitar player.

The U.S. Bombs are one of my favorite bands.
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Duane is a shredder.

Yeah, he shreds his throat up with too much whiskey and smoke.

I love him though.
Words can't describe my love for the U.S. Bombs.
Also check out the Die Hunns and the Exploding **** Dolls.
Never Mind the Open Minds is a good album. I like it better than The World (which is also good).
band kicks ass, one of my favorite punk bands period. i just bought their newest album today, it rules. get back at the laundromat for good tunes
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