Typing as I listen.

What the heck? Was that backwards hi-hats in the begining? WOW thats wierd, cos the song I just uploaded about half hour ago also has backwards hi-hats in lol.

EDIT: k maybe it isn't hi-hats, but it's good anyway.

Love the acoustic tone, good quality.
A good tone on the vocals as well. Cool, it's got harmonica too! Is that backwards guitar too?

Good track here mate. Love the instruments.

Crit back?
Hey Luke,

I'm digging the Floyd-ish vibe. At least that what it sounds like to me. Very atmoshperic. I like it. Good job. I like the sudio effects you've added in there as well. And who is that on the piano at the end? Is that Tom? Or you pecking around? Any way, good work.

I should have some demo recording of my band here shortly, you'll have to check them out.
Also, if you want to gig around with me, just get in touch with me. You know I'm up for it.
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