Hey guys sorry if somebody brought this topic up already. Tried searchin for a thread but i couldnt find one. I started playing my guitar bout 3 weeks ago and i can do a couple of songs every now and then but im doin it with my finger and thumb.. tried usin a pick but it just stucks me in like a noob who knows nothing.. need help from you guys.. should i continue on and forget about the pick? or should i pick it up and just practice a whole lot? hate it when it stucks through my strings.. btw im using yamaha c-40 mom bought it for me around the year 1994 i only started playin it now hehe.. im plannin to buy a new one any suggestion of what acoustic guitar i should get?
You got a guitar in '94 and are just now getting around to playing it!?!

Anyway, picking isn't a nessesity(sp) but it's very very helpful. the "proper" way to hold a pick is with your thumb on top, and your index finger bent under it so the top two joints of your index finger are under your thumb. Some people use it this way, but most have their own way. Also make sure you don't put too much pick onto the strings when your strumming, you only need the tip.
Yup.. thats why im full of regret right now.. i shouldve started playin when i was around 9 or 10 years old now im 21! not yet too late for me though.. thanks for the help man ill try it out tomorrow..
its not an insanely hard concept.

1. put pick between thumb and pointer finger
2. strum