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hey. I was wondering if eric johnson would be considered blues. Now I'm not new to blues at all.. I've loved it for as long as I can remember.. I have more cds of howlin wolf, son house, other texas and delta blues artists then I can count.. so I've pondered for quite a while.. is eric johnson blues?
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i never really thought about it....lol i have no clue,i think he might be under rock but i can definitely see him in blues too
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I'd say so. But I've only realy heard the stuff he's done with G3.
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Wrong forum.

---> Shred forum.
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He's quite the virtuoso so i'm sure there's some of his stuff out there that should be considered blues.

However, his music has never been very blues oriented (even for a small period of time) so in general i would not consider him to be a blues artist (or a "sub genre" artist). Not to say he can't play it, i'm sure he can.

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Nah Eric Jonson can do blues fine.
He's defintely not one of the speed and technique oriented shredders like Vai etc.

If you actually bother listening to some of his work, a noticeable amount is heavily blues influenced. He's even done a tribute song to SRV.
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