alright, i was wondering if there was some kind of product that you could buy that would let you record straight from your guitar with stuff like rythm guitar, bass, and drums behind it while you were playing and recording.
youd probably have to use something like a DAW if you wanted al of that, but im not sure, this should really be in the gear and accesories forum
just use a pc lol
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Well, there are lots of products that would do this if Im reading correctly by ur post. For one you are looking for an audio interface. How much are u willing to spend. U can get GuitarPort from Line6. U just plug ur guitar right it and record on your computer. It provides good quality http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Line-6-GuitarPort?sku=482232
It comes with pretty cool effects software I believe and u could do alot with ur recordings. But for $99, this is the cheapest I think you can go for a good piece of equipment that u can plug ur guitar straight into, then tthe guitaport plugs into the comp through USB and u just record. Now there are so many other things such as interfaces with mic inputs and phantom power and so on but let us know ur budget and exactly wat u want. Good Luck,


Edit: Ok i missed the play with Rhythm, bass and drums part. I dont kno about the Guitarport, but the Line 6 toneport comes with some rhythms guitar, bass and drums (symbals and so on) add on's. SOME.... I think for something like this u can get the M-audio black box that comes with 99 drum beats. it a pretty cool thing http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/MAudio-Black-Box-Guitar-PerformanceRecording-System?sku=241102
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What I do is I write the drums and bass on Guitar Pro and use them as a backing track. Works great
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