should i hit the standby before turning my amp off.
you should. I turn off the standby before the power switch when turning the amp off. You don't have to wait like when you turn it on though.
No, you want to leave the standby off. Flip the power on, wait about 30secs-a min for the tubes to warm up, then throw the standby.

EDIT: oops turn off read it wrong lol, yea usually i flip the standby then the power.
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but should i hit the standby befor i turn OFF my amp.
There's no harm in it. I do, otherwise I'd probably forget to reset the standby before powering my amp up.
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yea, put it in standby first, then off, less shock on everything. Like said, you don't have to wait to shut the power off after that, like you would during standby. It might not hurt anything, but it's good practice anyway, that way it's always in standby when you turn the amp back on, like Dirk said.

I think I read that you could drain the capacitors faster if you shut the amp off cold, without putting it into standby first, usefull for working inside.
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